Intentions are not enough

Clearly, intentions are not enough.  Look at the last post, written in January.  Now we are at the end of July, and this is the first time since then that I even opened a Blogger window.  Despite my intention to post every Sunday, I didn't even manage once a month!  Egad! 

Honestly, I've been trying to figure out how to make this connect to my regular wordpress site,  where I do seem more regular at posting, than I have here.  That technology seems to elude and confuse me, but I'll keep looking, so that writing in one place would be enough! 

As I'm sure you know, life just keeps going, whether or not we are keeping up!  Keeping up with the rest of my life usually (apparently) takes most of my attention.  But this afternoon, I'm sitting in an apartment in New York City, the hum of the City, quieted by the headphones and music in my ears.  It's our last day here.  We've been here a week.  Husband was teaching a class and I mostly played.  I did do 3 small scratchbord works, but only when it was hot or raining outside.  Otherwise I was walking and walking.  I discovered that many of my favorite stores are still closed for remodeling, or closed or moved, as a result of that terrible hurricane called Sandy. Sad.  On the other hand many got together and made new spaces in unconventional ways, like using box cars!  You know, the ones that go from rail road to semi truck for shipping?  Instead shipping they are now providing shopping!  Gotta respect the tenacity and commitment that demonstrates.

Anyhoo, I was sitting here thinking, "what should I do?  too hot to go out.  need to finish packing but husband is napping.  I could read, and I probably will.  I already packed my scratchbord stuff, so unless I dare to disturb the sleeping one, I guess I'll wait on that.  Then I clicked through from Facebook to a friend's blogpost and after reading that, thought...hmmm. blog.  I came through to mine and saw that January date and groaned.  ugh,  Really?  I haven't written there since January?  Not that this post in meaningful by any means.  Stream of consciousness really.  Well, consciousness is the point, right?