A New Year, A New Start

Wow, so much happened in 2012, and it whizzed by.  Clearly I was so wrapped up in all of it, I stopped posting by the end of January and poured all my energy in trying to preserve the Angel Fire ArtSpace Gallery.  If you follow me otherwise, you already know that by July, the handwriting was clearly on the wall.  Traffic in the gallery dropped by 90%, year over year.  That was a downturn that was flatly unsustainable.

From there, I chose to develop a new business plan, and transition the gallery from a physical store to a functional online store.  I have to.  I'm absolutely passionate about Art.  It's more than just the creation of it that compels me.  It's the conviction that I can provide beauty and food for the soul for the Art buyer, compensation for the artist and also for me.  It's way more that "making a living".  It is to me, life itself.

So, I closed the physical gallery on September 13, 2012.  Scantly 3 months before my 9th Anniversary in business.  And I celebrated that on December 16th.  9 years under my belt and heading for 10, just differently.

If you haven't done so yet, check out the new site.  I still represent myself and others, and am adding new work to it all the time.  It's fully operational with a built in shopping cart, but if you still prefer to call to order, that works too.  I have a blog there too...and I'm laying out a work schedule so I can manage all the hats I continue to wear and all the marketing efforts I continue to employ.  That said, it is definitely my intention to keep up with all of it.  After all, there's no more rent to worry about.  And that's no small thing.  All together the savings mount in the $1000s.  It was the right decision.

And so,  now, here we are at the start of another year.  May 2013 bring us all more peace, harmony and abundance.  Namaste.

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