Pondering the "Markers" in My Life

I'm not entirely sure why, but I have found myself pondering some of the more memorable "markers" in my life, that led to some kind of change. While there were some big ones that occurred in my late teens and early twenties, it is the more recent experiences that have been running through my mind, impacting my dreams too.

First, comes the whale.  John and I were on holiday in Mexico and we decided to take a trip out in a small boat with a guide in search of migrating whales.  It was a gray, rainy day.  Cold too.  We were given rain ponchos and off we went.  The small boat smacking hard against surf churned up by the wind made me hold on tight, fearing we'd be thrown out of the boat.  I was thinking, "what were we thinking?"  when the "scout" shouted and pointed.  The boat turned in the direction of his point and then abruptly came to a stop.  Not 50 yards away, a Mother Humpback was playing with her child.  Up out of the water she would come, splashing down soaking us all.  Then up came the baby, repeating the action of the mom.  Closer they came, and closer.  I'm not sure exactly how close, but when I could see her eye it was like looking into the vast stored memories of history.  All of it.  It was only a second, but it seemed like forever.  Off they sped, surfacing and diving, till they were gone from sight.

I can't explain how incredibly Spiritual it was. In my heart there is no other word to describe it.  As we rode back to the shore no one spoke.  The rain suddenly felt like a cleansing shower.  I have no photos.  I had the camera but was so struck in the watching that I completely forgot to pick it up. 

I'm not sure why I've been thinking about that.  But this I know...I'll never forget it. 

It was a similar experience with a Bald Eagle.  I was headed to the gallery one day, about a year ago.  It was fall, the air was clear and the sky was that bright cerulean blue.  I turned from our road on to highway 64 and a few moments later something caught the peripheral vision of my left eye.  I glanced at the window, and there, flying beside my car was a Bald Eagle.  It caught my breath.  I slowed (I hadn't come to full speed yet) and glanced in my mirror to see no one behind me.  I looked again, the magnificent bird was still there, flying right beside me.  He stayed with me for about a mile.  Then he swooped up and around and disappeared.  I pulled off the road.  I had tears running down my face, and was filled with a sense of awe, of hope, of courage, of strength. 

What did that mean? Why did that happen?  I don't know.  I do know the overwhelming feelings that it (the experience) inspired.  I am grateful.  Always seeking more, intent on always watching for the sweet moments of healing, hope and encouragement.  Seeking to understand the markers and the impact they have had on me. 

And I am blessed.  That such gifts have touched my life is overwhelming, humbling and still fills me with a sense of wonder and gratitude.  I hope sharing it blesses you too. Happy Sunday.

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