So, I thought, "I'll try to post every Sunday"  Also thinking "or most Sundays". So, it is Sunday, and I saw something today that struck my attention.  First, some background.  I've seen recently, on TV a commercial (Volkswagon, it think), that starts with a  boy looking at a bicycle and saying, "is it fast?" and then an older boy looking at a motorcycle and asking, "is it fast?" and then a guy/baby in sling asking "is it safe?"

That is the preface.

So, today, I was sitting at a table, drinking a coffee, at the Albuquerque airport, when I observed  (my favorite pass time endeavor when there) a family come off the escalator and onto the "gate" floor of the airport.  I saw a man, cowboy hat, duster, and boots, walking with who was clearly his wife and children (demonstrated by action) and she was pushing a stroller, and had the baby in the same kind of "front" strap as the guy in the commercial  (which is what probably prompted my instant comparison.) But it struck me. She was pushing the stroller with a toddler, diaper bag and sundry in the back of the stroller and She was carrying the baby.  He was strutting in his boots, duster and hat.

It was a sight that caught my eye. Is it 2012? In recalling it, I'm still shaking my head.