A New Year..A new effort to Post!

The New Year crept in and before I blinked here it is the start of the second week!  Wowzers!

Although I hear lots of naysayers regarding the coming of 2012, I find myself focused like a laser beam on growth.  Growth for the Gallery, growth for me on every level: Mind, Body, Spirit, Relationships and Finances.  I've been studying regularly, and (delighted to have a Kindle of my own now) and find my optimism growing daily.  I am an Affiliate of the Global Information Network and though I've not taken the step to join yet, I'm filled with gratitude for the massive information available to affiliates and members.  To learn more about that, click here. It is very exciting and I've met more than a few spectacular people!

While the gallery has short hours in the winter (Open Thursday-Saturday 11-5) that hardly means I'm not working.  In fact, I generally accomplish more when I'm not there than I do when I am!  That said, it has been a blessing to have studio space there now.  I have managed to get some nice paintings done there though I still prefer my home studio for dedicated painting time.  I am, of course, always open by appointment.

Here's a peek at the new work:

So, here's to 2012!  May the year bring your dreams into reality.  May you prosper in life, health and financially. I'll be painting more and smiling ALOT!  Happy New Year!

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