Thanksgiving and Gratitude

As the official day of giving thanks approaches, it is appropriate to share the gratitude that pours from me.  While I try to maintain an attitude of gratitude on a daily basis, sometimes I know I get overwhelmed by everything else.  So let me put it down where I can go back and see it again and again. 

I'm thankful for the daily blessing that flow through my life.  For the growing strength of my sweet husband, and the healing wounds of my loyal and loving Grace.  For the way that showers of supply seem to come just when I think I'll give up.  For my warm home, loving family and faithful friends. 

I can scarcely believe we're about to celebrate the 8th Anniversary of the Gallery.  And grateful for that too.  Immensely grateful for my customers, so many of whom have become my friends, for all of you who collect my work.  For all of you who collect the works of any of the artists in my gallery.  That leads me here, I'm so thankful for you, the artists who trust me with representing you, who supply the gallery with the beautiful pieces you bring in.  Without all of you, there would be no gallery.

I'm grateful for all of you and the many ways you have all blessed and impacted my life.  May the coming Season bring you joy that will walk with you every day of the future.  

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