Sharing Gratitude on Thanksgiving Day

I can scarcely  believe it already Thanksgiving day.   The last post was on November did time fly.  When I woke up this morning my first thought was gratitude and that kind of surprised me. Not that it should, but it did.  When I hit the "get mail" button on the new (more on that later) laptop I followed a link to the blog post of a friend of mine. Sort of.  I doubt he knows my name, but I have been following and learning from him for a few years now.   His name is Jeff Walker and he wrote a post called "The Discipline of Gratitude".  Worth the few moments to read it.

So in response to that, here in black and white is my list, of what, really I am thankful for this morning.  Though they are numbered, there is no real order in them.  They are really, mostly, all #1.

1.  This comfortable chair in which I sit is in our amazing home in the beautiful Moreno Valley of Northern New Mexico.  My mortgage is current, the heat is on and the lights too.  The well gives water and the coffee I just brewed is ready.  I'll pour a cup before I go on. 

hmmm. Is that one or three?  Anyway:

2. Though my sisters and Mom are far away, I can hear the happy sounds of their voices in my head and I know they are well and like most of us, busy.  I'm thankful for all of that.

3.  My husband of  21 years is still glad he's married to me, and he tells me so.  It goes both ways. In this day that is something to be particularly grateful for.

4.  Seven years ago, on this very day, I sat across the table from Vicki and Larry and we toasted the decision to go forward with what seemed almost a ridiculously absurd idea to open an art gallery in Angel Fire.  Let me shout gratitude for that.  While the journey has been fraught with tears, I never would have done it without them.  Many know that I later bought them out, but there is not an inch of doubt in my mind that I would never have taken that leap on my own.  How far, how very far I have grown.  Grateful I am, for all of it, and for the venture began, 7 years ago today.

5.  On that topic, Angel Fire ArtSpace Gallery, what a ride, and wow am I grateful to all of the hundreds of people, friends old and new,who have wandered through my life.  Some have wandered through and on, while others have come again and again, honoring me with their support and encouraging me on.  Thank you. Thank you, thank you.

6.  Now some specifics, my gratitude to and for the following people is so deep in me it tingles my toes.  John, Diana, Melissa.  Thank you is not nearly adequate and I am blessed by your love, friendship and partnerships.  Janet & Dick, still.....and ongoing....thank you.  Anna, always there, unafraid to tell me the truth, even and especially when it hurts.  There are many more.  If I didn't type your name it doesn't mean you are not in my heart.

I think I'll stop there, the writing part anyway.  Jeff, your post is well taken.  Thank you for prompting me to dig a bit deeper and put it out to share it.  You're right, it is so good to take a look around and count the blessings.  I intend to look around more regularly.  It is so easy to get inundated and overwhelmed.  In looking around, I found my faith.  I didn't realize I had lost it, and clearly I didn't, but it was misplaced.  Should have been right there, and in fact, it was.  I just didn't see it.

Thank you.  And Happy Thanksgiving all.

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