Can't believe it's November

Cerulean blue sky and brightly lit clouds float along like candy cotton in the air.  Beautiful.  Most of the Aspen are bare now, but it was interesting to me as I drove from Albuquerque to Angel Fire this weekend (following the delightful week in NYC) that many areas along the way are still green.  Kinda weird, but maybe attributable to the rather warm fall here.  While it is a scant 34 degrees here right now (10:31 am) the only sign of coming Winter is the snow on the highest peaks around us.

I loved our time in New York, but I must confess I was ready to come home.  The bright lights and constant sounds of the city made me appreciate the dark skies and silence of home.  Forests of trees in place of forests of buildings is a stark contrast to the way of life we enjoy versus life in The City.  That said, the multitude of choices for dining, shopping and entertainment were certainly refreshing.  Since we had an apartment, we actually enjoyed shopping for groceries and cooking.  The wide variety of produce, deli items and prime aged beef were a gastronomic delight.  We won't eat that richly again for a who knows how long!

Does make me long for a first class grocer though.  Not that our local market doesn't try, but the availability of the items is surely a factor.  In New York, imagine it and you'll find it.  Fresh seafood, Fresh produce, beautiful bakery goods and prime aged meats all carefully laid out in tiny spaces tucked into the corners of vast buildings.  Don't pay attention as you're out walking and you might miss it. It's mind boggling in a way.  Here, there are wide open spaces.  Can't really walk anywhere and even in urban areas the distances between shopping areas require a car.  You can see for miles.  There, you can see across the street, or down the street, but you have to stand on the coast to see any big distance, or perhaps from the top of the Empire State building or the Sears Tower.  It's so totally different.  In the end, for me, it's a great place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.  I guess it's true....

there is no place like home.


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