Glorious Colors of Fall

The color here is stunning now. I took some photos, but don't have my camera with me here at the gallery so can't upload them just now. Perhaps I'll add some later. Maybe it's me, but it seems to me to be more brilliant this year.Either way, it's beautiful. And though the air is crisp, the bright blue sky is the perfect accent with light spraying the leaves, inviting them to sparkle.

I'd love to be out taking more photos...but not yet. I'm here at the gallery. I don't know how Sundays will fare as we move into November, but so far it's been one of my busier days of the week. Here's to hoping it continues!

I haven't posted much over the course of the summer. Been too busy with other things, not the least of which was the move in the middle of July. Thank God that's over! Life has settled back into a familiar rythym, though I'm eager for more studio time. It's coming! Now the gallery is closed Tues/Wednesdays so I should get more work out in the coming months. To see what I've finished of late head to my facebook pages.

In the mean time, I'm headed outside with the phone to see if I can snap more photos while here. cheers!

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