The Color is coming...and fast!

I know, it's been a very long time since I posted. Life has been crazy! And though it's likely to continue fr a while, I figured I better get back to it or it will pass me by altogether! Yesterday I had to fly to Taos and the changing color in the canyon slowed me down. The scrub oak is turning red, the chamisa is bright yellow, the cottonwoods are taking on their characteristic varied hues of gold and the dark blue-green of the evergreens make a vivid background for all the changes. And it's only just begun. At the tippy top of the mountains that surround our valley, the aspen have gone from the deep green of summer, to the bright green that makes the mountain sprinkled with varied color. At the very peaks, there are peeks of bright yellow that will morph to gold and then red and gold. The morning air at a scant 27 degrees is the not so gentle warning that the season is changing, though the afternoon temp of 73 (which is what it is right now) is wonderful. I love this season. If I could choose it year round it would be the one I'd pick.

August whizzed by even faster than July. I didn't think it was possible. One highlight was getting my new Miche bag. I'd been waiting for it for nearly a year, and birthday money from moms and husband brought it to me. Not that it is expensive...just me learning to live in my budget. If you don't know about it, you really must check it out. There is a link at the top right of this page, and yes, it is an affiliate link. If you click through and buy, I'll be able to get more skins! Wahoo! The Miche bag is a handbag with multiple varieties of outside "skins". Change the outside without dumping out the contents and rearranging it into a new bag. It's a new bag every month, every week or even every day! I got 5 "skins" and I've used three of them so far. I love it! 5 skins and two kinds of straps, with the main handbag set me back $112. Look at it this way..5 handbags for $112. That's a deal I can live with!

What else. Hmm..oh I'm getting a new phone. My poor blackberry is giving up. The scroll bar only goes one direction. Try navigating with that! If the phone rings, I answer, then hear static, then the phone shuts off. Completely shuts off, and won't turn on again unless I plug it in to power. Ugh. So, my AT&T account says I'm eligible for an upgrade. wahoo! I'm going Droid! I can hardly wait! I should have my new Samsung Captivate in a couple of days. Technowiz I'm not, but watch out, I may be shortly! Thumbs way up to the really helpful guy Julius at AT&T who worked it all out for me!

Let's see, there's a bunch of stuff going on, of course. Tonight is the grand opening of the new building at the High School. Awesome!

And real soon it's the first Angel Fire Peak Challenge. Read more about that here. I know they're looking for participants and volunteers to help out too. You can find all you need to know about that at that link.

For a full list of all that's coming up be sure to check the Visitor Center out. Or head to the Resort page to check out the live cams and the daily leaf report! (yes, they change daily).

Fall is in the air and the world is turning at the speed of life here in Angel Fire. Come up, catch your breath and relax. Take a spin on a mountain bike, ride a horse, learn to paint...or all of it!

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