Fall is in the Air

It's fairly quiet this afternoon at the gallery, so I grabbed my bag of what I'm working on, slid the phone in my pocket and headed for the door. Crystal blue sky looked inviting as I stepped outside, but then, whoosh! the wind hit me. Quite a cool wind mind you. The smell of Fall distinctly in the air. At once refreshing, but still caused a deep sigh. Can it be already? Wow has this summer rocketed by.

I stood there for a few minutes, and then decided good music inside would be more conducive to finishing the scratchboard piece I had in my bag.

So that's what I did. And it's done now, at least for the scratching part. I'll take it home now and paint it, perhaps in the morning (I don't open the gallery till noon on Wednesdays). I'll post a pic once it's finished.

I do have to fiddle with the new Sony A/V receiver first, mind you, to try one last time to see if we can make it work. Not my idea of fun, mind you, but gotta try it before they'll take it back. Got it from American Express Rewards, along with a new HD TV. Read, great reward, but nightmare. TV is great. Receiver constantly and immediately goes to "muting" once you've selected a source. HDMI flickers black on and off and on and off..though we're not really sure if that is the receiver or the satellite receiver. I thought AMEX rewards would take it back and replace it, but I apparently called three days too late after trying over and over to find a solution. Sigh. Hopefully the "test" Sony asked me to do will go quickly and it will either solve the problem completely or completely not, so that I can head to the studio and paint for a while before I head in to Angel Fire.

I thought about hanging out here for a while this evening, to watch the celebrated burning down of the "Central Reservations" building across the street. Guess I won't be using that as a landmark any more! If you're in town, head to Centro Plaza and enjoy some bbq on the Fire Department while you watch the show. I wonder how long it will take? Likely not long as it is wood and wood and old, so old. I don't think I'll hang out though. Been here all day and am more than ready to head home.

Anyhoo...cheers to the Fire Department and may the wind die down!

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