Big News, ArtsFest and Feeling Like a Limp Rag

Did you see the whirlwind? Wow. It's all a blur. It began a few weeks ago when in the midst of preparing for ArtsFest it became clear that I needed to move the gallery. Yes, move. Yes, again. And smack in the middle of July.

I had anticipated a move due to the ongoing saga of the building the gallery was in. (yes, was.) But I really figured it would be like October or November. Alas it was not to be and an immediate move loomed before me like Denali during a storm.

Good friends and (and all ladies) lugged, carried, cradled and transported the entire contents of the gallery to the new location yesterday. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Two weeks ago, or maybe three? I settled on a new spot. But there was tons to be done. Walls to be painted, lights to be installed, a hole through a wall to make two units into one. Tons (literally) of boxes to be removed from one unit that had previously been used for storage. Then there was the nasty carpet that had to be removed, the concrete beneath it cleaned and the tile laid. I only am bummed I didn't take "before" photos!

So, paint walls I did (and thanks to new friend Jo Lynne for helping!). Thanks to BJ and his helper Kent (I head is fuzzy) for knocking the hole through the wall, finding a great deal on a nice door, and putting it in!

Thanks Lin for help moving the boxes and stuff so that Ryan and friend could man-handle the carpet and pad and get it outa there! Thanks to Leslie (L&J Interiors) for finding me nice tile and getting it here FAST!

My knees are black and blue (the kneepads wouldn't stay on) and my fingers very sore, but the tile is down. Then came ArtsFest!

From the view of the Arts Council, it was a great success. The premier saw literally 3 times as many purchased tickets (over last year). Saturday was virtually even, and Sunday was down a bit (but likely due to the world cup!) Many artists did very well, most did good and only a couple had little or no sales. Personally, I did okay. Not great, mind you, but it is the first time in years that I have actually done the show, and that does play into it. So does the fact that I have the gallery here. People say, "I'll come see you at the gallery" instead of "I'll take that one". I'm not sure how to deal with that.

So, now back to the big move. Sunday we closed ArtsFest. Monday, we moved the gallery. It is now a disaster. The next task (after cleaning the spot I just left) is to sort it all out and make it beautiful. I hope to have that done by Friday, but we'll see. Going from 4 units to 2 will make it challenging, but I think I'm up to it. I'll keep you posted! Oh, and Where? did I move? Next door to the Chamber of Commerce. I think it will be good.

And, THANK YOU to Linda, Sylvia, Jacqui, Sandy and especially, Diana! You Ladies ROCK!

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