High Speed Internet: So close and yet so inaccessable

It's infuriating. While I enjoy DSL when I'm at the gallery, it's another experience altogether at home. Try to watch a video or listen to online radio when it starts and stops and starts and stops. Try to upload a full length video to my new site (www.katherinesarttv.tv) and find that 5 hours later it's still not done. Take it to the gallery and have it done in 4 minutes.

Before we ever bought land here, we called Qwest to see what was available. The rep we talked to ensured us that all we needed was here. Liar. Sorry, but no other word for it. Now, some 16 years later we are still waiting.

There are businesses and home businesses, non profits and families with children who rely on the internet for everything from education to shopping (for virtually everthing) and many for their livelihood. When the local provider goes down because of a snow storm, or just because it does, business stops. Online Learning stops. Ordering the life saving medicines or vitamins or underwear stops.

Qwest has DSL in Angel Fire AND Eagle Nest....but not in between. We are only about 3 miles from Eagle Nest, but nada. How hard can it be? I've been told that fiber runs along highway 64, but I'm not sure. If that's so, then WHY IN THE WORLD can we not get service?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

A friend who used to work for Qwest once told us it would only take a "DSLAM" in a powered remote box. In fact, there is one just a few hundred yards from our house. So, after 16 years, what is the holdup? I'm about to become a REAL SQUEEKY WHEEL on this issue. This is global business economy in which we MUST compete to stay in business and meet our obligations. I don't think the mortgage company cares that Qwest won't provide us with DSL, but it will if those payments stop!

I personally know of several businesses along the highway 64 corridor that lost their internet service AND their email for FOUR DAYS. Let's rally and rally and rally Qwest to get on the ball and get it done. Our money is as good as the businesses in Angel Fire AND Eagle Nest!

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