Getting Ready for ArtsFest

I've been working hard to replace some of the paintings that I sold (unexpectedly) on Facebook. Tough to decide whether to show them in advance or not, but here's what I've decided to do (with help from hubby, John). I'll put them up here and on Facebook, for you to see, but they will not be available for sale until 6pm on July 9th. So...To buy, you need to come to the ArtsFest Premier (hee hee.) I will also take calls on my cell so if there's something you really love and really can't get to the show, you can call with your order, but not until 6pm on July 9!

So here are a few, actually one "series" that I just finished. Painted all day at the Angel Fire Retail Association Sidewalk sale. Thank goodness I was inside, as the weather was cold and rainy. That said, I was pretty much alone all day, so managed to complete two more. So, here is the series:

"Sun's Up" "Taking a Bow" "Lit Up" "Siblings" "The Welcoming Committee"

I also need to get new photos of them. My camera was acting up and it picked up alot of glare from the reflective paint. The first three are 6 x 6, acrylic on cradled panel. The next one is 8 x 8 and the final is 12 x 12. The biggest dilemma I have is just how to hang them on the propanel that I'll use for the show. I only have the velcro hooks right now, and these don't have or need wires, so won't hang on those hooks. Jacqui and I have been chatting about that. Maybe Jen has an idea. I'll ask.

I have more in process and 3 more 12 x 12 to do. Guess I better get busy. See you on July 9!

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