Painting Bliss

That's my excuse. For not posting, that is. I've been in painting bliss, letting the strokes wash away the stress, the fears and the frustrations. It would not have been fun to post anyway, based on where my head was.

And so, I painted, and painted and painted. I've finished 17 and number 18 is in process. I have plans for 6 more. I won't start posting them until June 15th in preparation for ArtsFest, so you'll just have to wait and check back. Sunflowers, poppies, hibiscus and landscapes. Spring, fall and summer. Maybe I'll relent and post one or two before then. There are so many new pieces my little studio is bursting at the seams with color and life.

Thus, I'm posting from the gallery. And hoping someone will walk through door with the hope buying a treasure.

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