Arghh. Computer Problems-AGAIN!

Brother. What a nightmare. After all my fights with Dell and Vista I thought all was humming along smoothly. That is, it was, until I decided to install my wireless trackball and keyboard. I fought with it for two days (should have been plug and play, mind you, and they both work fine on the xp machine at the gallery.) sigh.

First, I went toLogitech, and made sure the software I have was current. It was not, so I downloaded and installed it. No change. So I called. No help. I kept banging on it. Then I went to Dell support. I paid for extended warranty service. Not so much service. I didn't buy the Logitech devices from Dell, so even though it's a windows error, no service.

Finally, I went to my support team ( and they worked at it all afternoon, remotely controlling the laptop, but alas, no luck. They sent the issue to "their research team". I'm supposed to hear back from them on Wednesday morning. Good grief. Guess I should start saving for a MAC!

The good thing is that while the IYOGI tech was trying again and again and again to install the trackman and keyboard, I was painting. How awesome is that! Still, here I sit with the laptop on my lap, instead of on the stand I moved into the studio to support it and the two wireless devices. Best laid plans. I'm off for 10 days. I don't intend to let it distract me from relaxing!

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