Watercolor Sunday

Typically Sundays are for watering the plants, doing the laundry and spending the afternoons in my studio. Today, I begin a new experiment. Today, I paint at the Angel Fire Visitors Center. From 1pm to 4pm on Sunday afternoons, I'll paint there as live demo and hopefully get some new work done at the same time!

Which reminds me, the image in the header is a new pastel that I did when taking a class from Martin Pavletich (great fun!). I love pastel. The big issue with it is that it really must go behind glass. Sigh.

Anyhoo....This Sunday is Watercolor. Next week maybe acrylic, or pastel or scratchboard. What do I hope to accomplish? Sales, of course. Sales of my work, my DVDs and private lessons and workshops. Plus, it will just plain be fun!

So, if you're in Angel Fire on a Sunday, drop by the Visitor Center in the afternoon and say hi!

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