Bleary Eyed & Sore Feet!

What a BLAST! Last night's Powderkeg final concert: The Long Run: Experience the Eagles
and all I can say is WOW! They are AWESOME. Close your eyes and you don't who is on stage...The Long Run....or The Eagles! My feet didn't remember that we're not 17 anymore and this morning, they know it well! OWWWWWWW. That's what I get for dancing in 3 inch heels. But WOOOOW was it FUN!

I was too busy dancing to remember to take photos...though I'm sure they'll be popping up online somewhere! I'll certainly press hard to get them back to Angel Fire! Based on the response in the tent, I doubt that will be too far in the future!

So, now I'm smelling coffee and planning how I'll continue the painting I started last week at the Visitor Center. The image in the header is the one I did there two weeks ago. 12 x 36 watercolor on canvas. The one I'm working on is 18 x 36, acrylic and its Sunflowers. Only just begun and BRIGHT. I'm contemplating what I'll do with the background. hmmmm. Better go get more coffee first. While the rhythms of "Hotel California" hum in my head. Ahhhh. It doesn't get much better...sore feet included!

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