It's Sunday. The wind is howling, snow is blowing, I hear a big storm is coming. Good time to stay home. I got creative and worked on my latest commission for a few hours this morning. Then I let the creative continue and followed instructions John found for adding a new touch to the dining room. Here's the site:

I had a stash of bottles awaiting transport to the Taos Recycling Center, so I looked through and found a nice one. Here's what I did with it. The wall's not crooked, the photo is, but at any rate, it was fun. I had this fun red frame with white mat that just happened to fit one of Jennifer Cavan's postcards from a few Christmases ago and that hid the wire (some surplus picture wire) on which the vase (converted brandy bottle) hangs. It took only a few minutes (after I got the labels do they use some glue on those! A good soaking with Dawn did the trick.) That's a chunk of rammed earth wall there behind it all. I painted it sort of "mottled" red a few years ago.

Anyway, I'm taking a quiet day now, and the zoom zoom will begin again tomorrow! I think I'll go push some sand around in the old hot tub room that I've been working on for 6 months. The brick is laid. I need to fill all the tiny gaps with sand. That takes time. Put some music on and push the sand around. Sounds like a time for some pondering.

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