Living Where the Wind Blows

Sunday morning. Three cars stuck and retrieved from the road. The County crews plow the road and the wind undoes it, weaving fingers of snow intent on snagging your tires and sucking them in. Sometimes it looks like an eerie scene created by Tolkien.

The massive pine branches wave like they're greeting someone important, almost festive as the snow flies from them making mini snow storms. It's mesmerizing to watch, and I'm glad I'm indoors!

Not for long though. Off to Taos we go. Time to get some groceries before the next storm leaves the California coast and heads our way.

Next Friday is the celebration of my 6th Anniversary in business (Angel Fire ArtSpace Gallery!) In most ways I can scarcely believe it, and then again, I feel the years of fighting to beat the odds in my psyche. I'll post more about the event, but if you're headed to Angel Fire to catch the Night Skiing that opens next Saturday, come on Friday and celebrate with me!

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