6 years

December 16, 2003. In many ways, it is so far away it doesn't seem like I was there. Yet some months before that, the path was set before me...and Vicki. So much has happened in the life of the gallery, in that time. Artists come, stay, come go and come again and some, come and go. In 6 years, of the original 10, there are 5, sadly. Happily, there are more than 25 more now. And of those who have come and gone, well, certainly my life is richer for having known them, represented them, or tried to.

To Vicki, I never would have done this without you.

To Jim, Mona, Susan, Jo & Kevin, & Patricia ; You taught me things you'll likely never know and they have all together woven new threads in the fabric of my life.

Susan, Shirley, Jane, Ami, Ginto, Barbara C. Barbara B., Nieta Fran, Sue, Kathy, Yvonne, Chuck, Margi and Sue, Tom, Teri and Teri and Terry, Cecelia, Mason and Robin and Danny...wow. I can scarcely believe the works you do, the places you are and are going. I'm thankful to have been witness to the creative in you, and hope I've encouraged you along the way.

And, now...to all of you who have entrusted a piece of your futures with me, by trusting me with your work, to Jacui and Jennifer and Sylvia, Martin and, Kevin and Scott, to Roy and Ralph and Steve and Sasha, John and Colin and Ed, Wanda, Margaret, Barbara S., and Gary and Laurie, Pamela, Rhonda, Nancy and Sylvia and David and Smith and, now, Lang and Rocio......am I blessed, or what? May this next year, bring great success to all of us. Thank you, thank you all, for six years, and counting. Merry Christmas!

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