Hello from 32,000 feet!

Wow. this is kind of fun. Never posted from 32,000 feet before...but there's a first time for lots of fun things! We're headed to Dallas and about half way through the flight on American Airlines and online with gogo so wahoo! too bad I don't have my webcam with me! I'm sitting by myself cuz John got upgraded, but there was only one seat, so I urged him to take it. My reward is that I'm on the bulkhead behind him, no one next to me. Smiling.

When we left this morning the overnight rain had left the streets wet and puddled, but the towncar ride was pleasant (little traffic at 7am on a Saturday morning). As we lifted off, the damp haze was still hanging over the city.

Part of me wanted to stay, part of me, ready to go home. Little sleep as my brain churned out the order of the tasks awaiting me. 3 commissions yet unfinished. 2 due by December 1. Parties to plan, budgets to stick too, little funds and lots of bills. Little comfort that it's not just me.

The sun was shining in so much I couldn't see the screen. Down comes the shade and, ahh, better now.

So, lets see. I did one small painting that I mentioned in the last post. Never got back to it as the sun came out and beckoned me out to wander the streets. It's always refreshing to me, to wander through downtown or midtown Manhattan, and just try to count the different languages you hear as conversations float past you. Or to wonder who's local, who's visiting and from where? Standing on a corner, waiting for the walk light, a couple walked up and asked me where to catch the bus to Long Island. When I explained I hadn't a clue, that I was visitor, the gentleman said, "oh, we saw you had eggs and thought you lived here". It was true, I did have eggs, having just left the grocery. Kind of funny...not knowing who lives there. Even the army of tailored black suits is not a sure indication. Lots of those walking the streets in downtown Manhattan. The apartment we stayed in was a block or two from the NYSE. Two blocks from the Hudson River and a 10 minute walk from Battery Park in one direction and the South Street Pier in the other. Fun.

We searched google for an Italian Restaurant and it found 243 in our "neighborhood". How fun is that? Sushi, Indian, Italian, Irish Pubs on every corner and limos, towncars and the suited drivers stood all in a line on Friday nights. Delmonico's a four minute walk.

Oh, and they were filming a movie right outside the apartment. That was amazing to watch. Cameras moving along on lines hung for blocks and held up by giant cranes. Lines and lines of equipment rental trucks and vans, and street after street blocked off to traffic...except that the thousands of people who walk everywhere, still did, and so did we. Some of us almost bumping into each other for looking up up up at the wire and camera gliding along it. Definitely fun.

Though I got off to a rather rough start, (lots of rain, over stressed and over tired), in the end, my shoulders are lower, and while I'm not looking forward to the 32 degrees my desktop tells me it is at home, or the snow that I hear (thanks, Jen) is still on the ground, I'm setting my mind on the paintings I need to finish and coming holidays (they'll be here before we blink). so, I'll order a glass of wine, recline my seat and smile!

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