Working like mad

It's quiet again at the gallery, at least most of the time, so I'm trying hard to get some things caught up, some things under way and some things thrown out. I know I didn't post last week, as I was sitting on the floor, fingers freezing, working on a new project (more on that later) as I was looking for customers at the MVAC Illusions show. The bank had the air conditioning on and it was raining and 58 degrees outside. BRRRRRRRRRRRR. Still the Illusions reception was nice, and congrats to my friend Jacqui Binford-Bell for taking yet another Best of Show!

Yesterday I painted. I had to do something to divert my attention from the portrait I've been working on. I can't continue the portrait until I get a new brush, which I will do tomorrow, but in the meantime if I work on it I'll overdo it. So, I pulled out a tiny artist panel that I bought when Artisan's had a great sale on them. it is only 6 x 6. Inches, that is. 6 x 6, cradled artist panel by Ampersand, my favorite purveyor of paintable surfaces. Not to diminish my love of Yupo paper, but they (Ampersand) do a nice array of different kinds of media. So, anyway, I played. I ended up with sort of a flower, sort of not. I'm calling it "A little a-MAZE-ment" Take a look and you'll see why, oh, and it's acrylic!

Tomorrow I'm going to the Artisan Expo in Santa Fe, where I'm sure to encounter more fun! I'll pick up the supplies for the next class that begins on Sept. 30th. I have 3 signed up and we're going play with oil pastel (no worries, Jennifer!) so I need to pick some up, along with "stuff to paint on". We'll see what I find at the expo. Basically, I'm excited to be getting out of town, if only to Santa Fe and only for a day. I've not been anywhere other than to Taos since May!

Then, it'll be back to work editing video for I'm getting so close to a full launch, yet it feels so far away. Let's hope I can be productive, finish editing, get the site fully operational and live, finish the portrait , do the next commission and have a blast teaching a class...all before November 1! That's my aim...oh and the brick floor too.

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