Must be Fall

The leaves have just begun to turn. I don't know how long they'll last or if they will all turn before they fall, thanks to the early snow we had. For sure the nights are cold enough to turn them all, but we'll see soon enough. I know it's fall even without color on the mountains...the gallery is still and quiet.

This evening we (the two galleries) are hosting a private reception for some traveling writers who are vising the area on a "famtour" (familiarization). Following the reception, I'll join them for dinner. I'm looking forward to all of that, but in the meantime it is really hard to sit here and have the gallery open with me, myself and I to chat with. I already cleaned up from last night's fourth Friday event, and the gallery looks beautiful, if I do say so myself. I need to paint, but I'm wearing these fancy clothes so I don't have to go home and change before the reception/dinner. I'm a messy painter, so I won't risk it.

The Artisan Expo I went to last Sunday was a blast, thought I spent my accumulated wad in a heartbeat. I bought all the supplies I need for the new class that is coming up beginning next week...and then I bought a moderate supply of a brand new product...Ultra Soft Pan Pastel. Check it out's going to be a blast to play with! (and paint with). I'd probably be getting dirty right now, but they were sold out before i got there. They are shipping me what I ordered...and I can hardly wait!

Guess I'll go play on facebook for a bit. See ya!

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