big sale blahs & yays

It's 1:49pm. The day started with a drizzle of rain, then a bit more then moved off to warm sun and cool breeze. When I opened the door this morning there were half a dozen cars in the driveway. I sold the Ladder and the glass blocks straight away. A bunch of brand new, never worn socks that just would not slip around the poor feet and up J's immobile ankles.

Some people who said, "oh, Katherine McDermott, I've heard of you!"

One man stopped in, who was investigating problems with the fact that the shoulder on highway 64 ends conspicuously about 6 feet before our road. It has been a nightmare since the shoulder was laid in some years ago. A friend of mine was hit by a vehicle trying pass while she was stopped, blinker on, to turn left. The other car tried to pass, ran out of shoulder and abruptly turned to get back on pavement and rammed into the side of her car. If she had not been there, he would have plowed into oncoming traffic, as some others have done, at least one that I know of , with tragic results. Maybe he'll get something done.

I think I'll be loading up the truck and visiting Angel's Attic real soon now. small sigh. I don't mean to be ungrateful. yes, I'd hoped for more. More people, more sales. But then, I should have seen it coming.

Arts About Town, yesterday, was good. And about half or less of the traffic we had last year. Maybe it's because Labor Day is a week later this year, somehow, a week later than the past few years. Last year we did the event on August 30th. And the year before that, similarly. hmmmm. I dunno. I kind of refuse to just blame it on the economy. Things have been going well at the gallery, for a change! Interesting experience to me. Lots of room to make up for the past still, but I'm kind of amazed, and thankful!

So, here I am. Sitting in a chair in the driveway, posting on the blog. go figure. Angel's Attic, here I come.

No time to rest, gotta get moving tomorrow for the Illusions show next weekend. We'll hang it on Friday. Reception on Saturday (September 12) from 5-7:30 or something like that. Hope that goes well.

Well, guess I'll start boxing stuff up. Doesn't look good for more customers. Next time, it will 7:30 to 11. that's it. Live and learn (at least I try to.)

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