Painting up a storm

It's been only a week or two, maybe not that long, but once I got back in my studio this past weekend, I painted like whirlwind. One is finished, one is almost finished.

I decided that this year I would paint something for the Music From Angel Fire Benefit Auction. I've never done that before, but just donated something from my inventory only to see it go to one of my customers for substantially less than retail. Although, in the past two years or so, my work has regularly sold for retail or higher at the auction. That is what prompted me to paint something specifically for it. Not something that's been hanging on my wall. So, that's it there in top left corner. 18 x 24 watercolor on canvas. Gallery wrap, painted frame required.

Then I got to work on another commissioned piece. It's not quite done. Just some tweaking here and there. I'll post it when it's finished cuz I just realized I haven't photographed it yet.

I'm at the gallery now, awaiting the first customers. Thought I'd take a minute to post. Oh, and by the way, if you haven't signed up for Arts About Town yet...get those applications in! We want to cover the town in artists! The Resort has gotten on board too, offering participating artists a $10 discount to attend the Bikes, Blues and Brews concert event that will follow Arts About Town. It's a win/win!

This year we have indoor spaces, outdoor (protected under a portal) spaces and outdoor tent spaces. Put a note on the application about where you'd like to be:
El Centro Plaza under the Portal
Frontier Square under the Portal
The Cove Art Center under the Portal
The Inn Center: Inside
The Inn Center: Outside with a tent.

We'll do our best to accomodate you. Sign up NOW!

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