Fall approaches, BIG Sale coming

Well, it's beyond overdue. I know, I'm not done with the brick laying and painting, not finished cleaning gutters or anything outside. But it's on to the garage before it's too late. We started organizing today..backed the car out, got out the broom and vaccuum and set to it. Cleaning the debris last winter left behind and then raiding shelves and closets and such to debate what we shall let go of this time. (whew) Already, half the garage is stacked and laid out with treasures (and stuff) from the past. The car will live outside for now. I think the left front tire looks low.

I'm debating...sell the hammered dulcimer, or not? Sell the camping stuff, definitely, the books, for sure. Husband decided to let go of the vintage engineers tools he inherited from his grandfather. Tools I've looked at off and on for 20 years....it's a big deal. Some of it made in 1924.

On the "walls" I used to use at shows, hang the evening gown, some suits (mine) and some skirts. The walls are for sale too.

I have a table for the Nikon package and table for the books and games. Yet to come are a table for the computer equipment, an area for the excercise machine, a dresser drawers and some unframed originals as well as framed originals that have never been seen at the gallery. Pots to plant in, and pots that are home to plants that I have no room for anymore. Pots with raspberry plants (assuming I get that done) and some with Jade Plants (gotta do that too). Oh, and my drum machine.

Everywhere I turn my head I find something else. Some tupperware. some forks and knives and spoons and good heavens, where did all this come from? It seems to me it multiplies when we close the door on the closet, leave a room quiet for a while.

Anyway, we might have it put together in time for the sale. Sunday, September 6, 9 am to 4pm. No earlybirds. I'll be busy on Saturday with Arts About Town.

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