August, must be madness

It's my birthday. 08-08. I've written this post over and over and over. Long gone are the days when birthdays were exciting. Get up, make the coffee , make the breakfast, feed the dog, go to the gallery, water and care for the plants, sweep the floor, mop the floor, open the new space, hang the prints, move out the print bins, open the windows (or I'll suffocate), dust, vacuum the other rooms..wait it's almost 9:45, turn on the lights, turn on the music, and, turn on the open signs, it's 10am.


oh, boot the laptop (this takes forever---it's Vista) download the email (this takes forever, too.) check the website (s).
Check the phone for messages. Figure out what's left on the desk that needs attention.


feel guilty. didn't get the robie cleaned (the irobot that vacuum's the house for me). guess that won't get done today. oh well. I did manage to get a load of laundry in. didn't walk the dog. didn' infinitum.


I notice that lots of my Facebook friends are leaving birthday greetings on my page. It makes me smile. I write back, still smiling.

Customers come in. We talk. Some buy, some don't, but they all say "happy birthday"(because, of course, I told them it was my birthday). Some comment that they didn't know there was a gallery in Angel Fire..(never mind that there are two). They live here.


The country is a mess. That's what I hear.


My mom calls. I smile. My mom-in-law calls. I smile.

Then she tells me someone walked into her house and stole her wallet. Yes, she (mom-in-law) opened the door, and welcomed 'her' in...mistaking her for someone else. (shame on you, whoever you are. ) I'm shaking my head, feeling the slime. shake it off. or try to. shaking my head. unbelievable...or status quo. refuse to ponder that right now.


Missed by sister's call. Sad..but we'll connect later.

And, I celebrated the fact that I'm 'only' 48. I know, it's bizarre. I didn't know how old I was. I got stuck somewhere. husband had to tell me. Made me laugh, really deep, really long, really funny. Nice to be 48.

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