Painting till My Head Spins

Wow. I can't believe it's been a month since I last posted. That will tell you I've been moving at the speed of light. Between then and now, we pulled off another ArtsFest...and according to artists and patrons alike, it was "the best ever" least as far as the quality of the art and beauty of the displays. The arts council is already putting our heads together for next year...and big changes lie ahead where the Premier Reception is concerned. The cost of promotion, food and security forced a higher ticket price, which left us throwing food away and losing money on the event. Now we'll have to find other sources to fund our youth arts education programs. At least our mystery auction did well, with a number of items going for retail and even higher.

As soon as we rolled out the displays we rolled in the Children's Theatre Workshops...literally the next day. And in the midst of that, I took action on what I'd been planning for weeks....a complete renovation of the gallery. That involved moving two rooms completely around which relocated my "office" and made room for my studio and classroom space! Painting ceilings and walls, moving furniture and paintings, and oh...I can hardly wait for our 4th Friday so everyone can see the new space. Even painted the hallways outside the gallery with the ok of the building owner. It looks fantastic!

So, why all the commotion? Here it comes....I'm opening additional space across the hall. Get ready for the all new ArtSpace TOO! Cards, gifts, prints, and CHOCOLATE! I'm going to carry the Endangered Species Chocolate...mostly dark. YUM! Now if I can manage to not eat all my product that will be wonderful! I'm intending to open it on Friday...this coming Friday...for the 4th Friday Reception that will be ON after all! We'll go from 5-7 so Theatre lovers can head to the 2nd showing of Dinner With Friends, the Pulitzer Prize Winnning Play by Donald Margulies. Curtain is at 8pm at Frontier Square between Avalon's and the CVB.

AND, update on the brick laying project...which was on hold waiting for me to apply a moisture, vapor and air barrier to the walls in hopes of preventing any further moisture issues with the adobe. I got that started today..first coat of 3 or 4. It's a by-product of the Space industry. Last summer I put it on the Garage doors and the door between the house and the garage...and raised the temp in both the garage and the hallway (which was always freezing in the winter) This past winter there was no blast of cold air emanating from that door! So, since it worked so well, I decided to try it on the adobe in what was the hot tub room. We'll see how it goes. Two coats of the "barrier", then these tiny little beads that you stir into your paint before you apply it. It makes an imperceptible texture...but it does a great job of keeping the indoor temperature stable and dry.

Oh, and I finished four of the commissions I had. The customer was delighted and I was elated. Here they are:

All are 20 x 16 Watercolor on Canvas.

I'll get back in the studio soon. I still have four more commissions to paint. Unfortunately my time at home is limited this time of year..and there is the garage to clean out, the weeds to pull the laundry to do and the room to finish. I'd love to have all that done before snow flies. At least the laundry!

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