Time to get productive...

It's been about two weeks, I think, since the last post. Sorry, guess I've just been busy.

The brick is still being slowly laid in the great drying out of the room that held the hot tub. Sand is mostly dry now, and the adobes are dry, but the mud in between is still damp, so I'm holding repainting the walls for more dry time. I'll finish the brick after the walls are painted, anyway.

In the meantime, alot has been happening around here. Let's see, since I last wrote, I was elected President of the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, held the annual planning meeting (which was very productive!) and have been diligently working on the stack of commissions sitting in my studio. In the middle working on the 4 16 x 20's I got the drawing done for an 18 x 24 and got a rush order for an ink and watercolor illustration for a local builder.

That, has been quite a challenge. The unfinished house Ray Renfroe of BlueRay homes is building is going to be stunning...but capturing the detail through the array of trees, scaffolding and workers has been a task! I spent 3 hours on the drawing yesterday, another hour last night and I have sent it off to a friend to print it on paper big enough that I can transfer it to watercolor paper in a half sheet (15 1/2 x 22). Once transferred, I'll ink all the lines, then wash in some watercolor. I have to have it done by tomorrow...so hopefully she can get it printed this morning! Whew!

So, off I go, to add a few more layers to the three canvases I have in process. Feast or famine...I'll take the feast!

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