Grey and Rainy Sunday

Good day for a day off! Dark skies, howling wind and scattered rain, now soft, now hard, now scattered. I hope it doesn't damage the beautiful peach colored iris that just opened this morning in my front garden! They are lovely.

So it is a good day to stay in. Which is good because we had big day yesterday! My morning was filled with people and painting as I did demo after demo of painting watercolor on yupo paper. In all, I think I did 14 paintings...some as small as 4 x 6 inches, some much larger. By the end I was wiped, but I ran home to shower and rest a bit before the big wedding we had been anticipating for what seemed like months. I'm sure it wasn't, but we were really looking forward to it. And we were not disappointed! Congrats and all the best, Tom and Bonnie. The setting was beautiful, the ceremony sweet and fun, and the party afterward will likely not be topped! It was way beyond fun!

We actually slept in this morning, sleeping off the exhaustion. This morning we spent mostly brainstorming. We want to start a business incubation center and were tossing around ideas and dreams in advance of a meeting tomorrow to pitch it to some locals who might have guidance and know-how. What kind of thing would you do with a business incubator..or do you need one, and why? I'd value your input.

When we decided to move on with the day, I headed down to what was the hot tub room and did more brick laying. The floor was so badly out of level, that it is tricky to fix it and I'll have to remove the trim from the doors because it is now too long! To slide a brick underneath it would mean that brick would be a full 1/4 inch below all the others....and I'm barely a third of the way across the room. wow. It'll be good when it's done though. At least I know how to do it right now!

So, it's almost 4pm and the angel food cake John is making has the whole house smelling incredibly yummy. It's my favorite cake and strawberries were on sale....guess what I'll be having for desert tonight! oops..the dryer is chiming it's "I'm done" song. Guess I'd better get to it.

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