Gorgeous Sunday

It is 76 degrees with a crystal cerulean blue New Mexico Sky. Great day to be outdoors! I must confess my arms are sore though...I weed wacked all the weeds creeping onto the driveway, into the edge of the garden, along side the rasberry patch and around the back "lawn". We have 7.5 acres of "natural" grasses, wild iris, blue flax, indian paintbrush and scores of flowers whose name I don't know. In the front, I've carved out an area in the "L" of the house and it is teeming with columbine, iris, roses and some giant, about to burst peonies. Except last night somebody (deer? elk?) ate the flowers off of some of the columbine. If they try again tonight they'll get a nose full of, um, wolf urine. It worked last year. We'll see.

This morning we wandered up to Red River to personally congratulate my friend and gallery artist, Jacqui Binford-Bell. She won "Most Colorful" and (drum roll) Best of Show at the Red River Wine and Art Festival. The Best of Show is a big deal, because it was judged by one of New Mexico's best known and legendary artists, Ed Sandoval. Well done, Jacqui! Way to go!

And now, I'm loathe to go inside...it's way too nice out here to be in there...laying brick. I should also be painting. It's supposed to thunderstorm again tomorrow...there will be time for painting and brick laying. It's the first day of summer...and the weather today makes me believe it. Think I'll pour a glass of wine and let the birds and the wind serenade me.

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