Sunday Serenity

Sitting on the front porch, gazing at the lake as I type. It's 76 degrees, and the only sound is the birds, the frogs at my neighbors pond and the tinkle of Grace's collar as she sniffs the ground like she's never done it before.

I'm relaxing as I post, having just returned from Albuquerque where the noise and the traffic was getting to me. I have tons to do in the next few weeks, with 6 commissioned paintings to produce by July, a hot tub to get out of the house so I can pull up the brick to dry the sand, and a myriad of "Spring" household duties to attend to. Oh, and there's the gallery. This coming Friday is the monthly reception "4th Friday" event. Hmmm. I'll breath deeply now and run tomorrow.

The hot tub will be going out in pieces. Daniel is coming on Wednesday to literally cut it up. I'm so mad at it that I absolutely refuse to remove the doors and frame to get it out whole. That's what it gets for causing so much trouble! Once it's gone, I'll pull up the brick (as I just said) and let the sand underneath dry...then re-level it and re-lay the brick. Then, a new hot tub is welcome to come to the room. A smaller one would be nice, to give us more space in the room for growing things. That's what we're hoping/praying for, anyway.

Robie (my roomba) is vaccuuming for me. Which is good, because even in 24 hours of being gone Grace left an alarming part of herself all over the hair, floating about as you walked through and disturbed the air!

Yup, I'm definitely blessed. And, there with the triumphant electronic toot of Robies "I'm finished" tone, I'll sign off and go investigate the freezer for what to make for dinner. John will be proud of me. I think it will be fish (talapia) and asparagus. Yum.

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