Hands in the Soil

It's cathartic. I don't think I ever even got to the garden last year, so when I headed out this afternoon to coax the weeds from the soil, I had forgotten how cathartic it is. There is just something about the sun warming your shoulders, the wind tossing your hair, the damp soil soaking through the knees of your jeans. The dirt in your fingernails, even though you were wearing gloves, and the errant twig protruding from your sleeve.

There's something in my thumb now, and it hurts...probably a rose thorn or something similar. I pruned the roses, trimmed the potentia , raked the pine needles to expose the rich mulch I did get down last fall. I dug out grasses and weeds and dandelions galore. Now, it's a lovely site to behold, the happy grape hyacinth with bright purple berry like heads bouncing in the breeze, free from the tangles of grasses and weeds that were holding them back.

Once cleared, the circular space in the center of the front garden looks clean and the columbine are standing tall, buds just beginning to form. I discovered the peonies are up and about a foot tall, the rebar I used to support it when it reaches some 3 feet, lying beside it, ready to be deployed.

Ahh. It's that good, tired feeling. Tomorrow, it's back to the gallery. Tuesday, its Taos, where I need to pick up some canvases for my latest commission. (yay...thank you Dr. Tami!) I already have compositions swimming around in my head.

Oh...and, Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there. And a big CONGRATULATIONS and wow, I'm so proud of you, to my sister..the middlest one. She (Rebeka) just got a HUGE promotion at work...one she richly deserved and waited a long time for. And Thanks to God for honoring her! I'm very blessed!

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