I didn't think it would happen. Our Angel Fire Divas group has been planning for a couple of months for this event, and I didn't even pay attention because I didn't think I could go. A day at the spa and overnight in the lap of luxury at El Monte Sagrado, here in Taos. Here in Taos? Yes, here I sit in the gorgeously appointed room that I am sharing with my sweet friend, Natasha. (not her real name, as we have all adopted seudonyms for the day. I, am now, Olivia)

This, all due to the gift which I bear with great tenderness....to paint. Natasha wanted a new painting, and I wanted to cherish the quiet and relish a hydrating facial! All I can say is, WAHOO!

So, while the rest of the group are being pedicured, manicured, massaged and facialed, I'm in a giant overstuffed leather chair with laptop on my lap, posting! My turn will come next. I'm already relaxed, just with the anticipation!

This is an extraordinarily rare treat for me, and not one that I will likely have again very soon...but who knows. Perhaps my art will fly off the walls and my name will be heard on the lips of famous collectors. I'm given to dreaming and visions.

I could get used to this!

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