Superbowl Sunday thoughts

A last minute once over clean up ensued first thing this morning, since we decided about 12 hours earlier to host a game party. We've never been big football fans, but as we were watching a recorded NCIS on the 80 inch projection screen, we said, "hmmm...."

So, phone calls made and friends coming over, thank goodness I have Robie. That's how we affectionately refer to our Roomba (vacuuming robot). I refer to him as he, even though he has a she voice. No, it's not a transvestite vacuum...It's just silly. But he does do a good job, as long as I've remembered to empty and clean him after the last job. Even that's not a big deal, because he reminds me, "beep beep, please remove and clean Roomba's brushes" or "beep, beep, beep please inspect and clean Roomba's cliff sensor (so he doesn't fall down the stairs).

Anyway, I turn him to go on, and he runs around the house sucking up all the dog hair and debris which gives me time to clean the bathrooms (joy) and, on my blog. gotta love that!

So..I won't pontificate about who will win. To be honest, I don't even know who's playing. There you true Artist self showing through again. At any rate, we'll have fun....and I hope you do too!

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