Getting Ready for 4th Friday

Well, it's here. After a 4 month hiatus, Fourth Fridays at Angel Fire ArtSpace are returning! Bigger and better, as Carol Rupp of the Rupp Gallery partners with me for a great evening! I'm taking a break from the current commissions I'm working on to get ready and the gallery is looking spic and span and lovely!

Got the new lights installed in the jewelry room (yay) and it's all dazzling, even though I haven't painted that room yet. I'm hoping to do that next week...we'll see. least one can do that now in there! Made a BIG difference. Bob walked in to make sure they had finished with the installation and as he was asking if they finished he stopped mid-sentence and said, "Wow...I see they did!"

So here's a few shots of the gallery (as far as my web cam can see). This is the entrance. I guess I should really do a video tour...hmmm. I'll do that. In the meantime, here's what I see when I'm sitting at my desk:
Nice, huh?

Well, I think so, anyway. So, if you're in town, or headed this way, stop in and say "hi"!

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