Finished the Painting

I'm breathing again, thanks to Norma and ibuprofen!

Anyway, I did finish the church I showed you a few posts back. Just so you don't have to scroll, here's how it looked in progress:

And, now, it's done. Notice the deeper, bolder color, shadows and detail. The rock facade by far, took the most time, but the result is worth it. The video will be online soon at

The trick is many
glazes of transparent color, with increasing amounts of pigment as you go. I often alternate colors too, to get a rich appearance in the end.

In the mean time I'm working hard on the development of Watch soon for a link here to a survey that I'll use to help me make the site and the videos what you want.

Painting is perhaps the most soothing activity I can engage in. My own version of meditation. When I'm painting, my brain feels dis-engaged. I'm not thinking about the outcome, the bills, the laundry or anything else temporal. I don't suppose you can understand it, until you experience it. Part of the focus of the new site is just that. Learning how painting can ease your stress, all while creating something beautiful. It's not about pure realism...that's what camera's are for, with no disrespect to the painters of photo realistic works. It's about interpretation, the emotional connection to the work, whether you are the painter, the viewer or the collector. People buy art, because they make a connection to it. It's completely subjective. Not everyone will like what I paint, and that's ok. I mean, it would be great, but it's completely unrealistic. I don't like everything I see either!

I can look at piece, like this one that I just finished, and walk right back into the same state of mind, walking in through that opening in the gate to all the places I was when I painted it. That's the best part for me...and why I paint. Yes, I love selling them. But sometimes I miss a piece after its gone. I'll be looking for something in my Art Archives folder, and see an image...and say, "where is that? did I sell it? Who?...." then I'll open the image, look at it, and walk right back into it. I dunno. Maybe it's weird...but it's true.

Learn to paint. And may you find that bliss too.......

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