Bail Out Blinders

I have my bail out blinders on. Can't stand to listen to the news anymore. Spend, spend, spend and benefit a few, but not any of us who do the right thing, fight like hell to pay the mortgage on time, borrow from peter to pay paul every day of the month, struggling to keep that credit score well above 7. There will be nothing for us. Once again penalized by the politicians for being a stand up person and doing the right thing. It makes me sick.

I called the mortgage company, to see if they'd work out a lower rate. Nothing doing. Know why? because I'm not behind. I can't refinance because I'd never qualify in the current credit debacle, so, because I've done the right thing, I'm screwed. How upside down is that!?!

Deep sigh. Ok, I'm done with the rant. I'll turn my thoughts back to the task at hand which is the development of and (not up yet). I'm recording everything I do every time I pick up a pencil or a brush. My camera's hard drive is almost full, so probably this week I'll start editing video. While it is time consuming work, I'm excited when I'm at that because I'm excited about these sites and getting them fully operational. From the 10 or 12 hours I have recorded right now, I'll probably get 3 or 4 videos, all on watercolor. In the next set I'll focus on fun techniques but that's probably at least a week off.

It's way more soothing to ponder watercolor, and better yet to pick up that brush. Unfortunately my home studio is still a disaster zone and my brushes and paints are at the gallery. I guess that's ok, because the dryer is beconning. Back to domestic duty. Important stuff, you know, laundry. So off I go.

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