What is it about January?

Hmmm. I'm stuck. Advice please. Most of the time, I'm an endless stream of passion to paint, dreaming of the next painting, and the next and the next. Moved to moodiness and, my husband would say, grumpiness, if i can't pick up the brush.

Then comes January. Stymied, but not sullen. Optimistic in the midst of debilitating economic forcasts. But finding a million things to do....BUT paint. Are there weird ions in the air in January? Is it the snow flying out my window? All this indoor time, shouldn't I be running to the canvas/paper/scratchboard?

I'm supposed to be recording all those strokes I make. The camera is poised on the tripod. The light focused on the canvas on the table below, but off; the brushes at the ready, even the water containers are full. But the palette is closed. And I am typing on the laptop. Good grief, what is wrong with this picture?

I have a growing stack of commission to do. This is a good thing. So, what's quashing my passion? Any ideas? I'd love to whack it out of the way.....

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