Quiet Saturday

It's Saturday and lovely, though cool outside. I guess everyone is out on the mountain enjoying the fresh powder, cuz they certainly aren't here! The up side of that is that I've been working hard on my next commissioned piece..and recording it. It will be a long video, so I'll likely release a small segment on youtube and then refine the rest for a full lesson on katherinesarttv.tv

I got the membership software installed and the initial free videos and posts up already, now comes the hard part of recording all the videos! It takes about 9 hours of video recording to get a full hour of indepth content and lesson. At least I can do what i love while I'm recording.....Paint!

So, despite the fact that it is still January, I've broken the block and have been painting most of the last two days. The piece I'm working on is an 18 x 18 watercolor on canvas of a Northern New Mexico church. Painting watercolor on canvas requires many many layers so I've been working on it for about 30 hours already, but not altogether of course, as the layers have to dry in between application.

Speaking of which..it's time to get back to it.

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