Georgeous here!

wow. January and the temp is 41. May be cold to you...but it's regular heat wave! Hoping for more snow as the warm temps have been slowly eroding the pack we had...but the Resort is working hard to keep it great for the skiers! Not being a skier myself, I rely on what my friends say and they say it's good.

When I drove home yesterday the dirt road that leads to my house was a veritable river. While we're enjoying the moderate temps...we are a ski town. Need that snow. Hoping it comes soon as is forecast. It's kind of unpredictable here in Northern New Mexico.

Not skiing...but painting. Have a line up of commissions to do (yay!) and figured I'd better get started. Not procrastinating, exactly...for some reason I find it hard to paint in January. No explanation. But I did get started anyway.

Had a rare visit with my dear friends Nancy and Art. Sweet.

Tonight I'll go to the Jack Ingram Concert with the girls. It's been decades since I was at a live concert. Got my boots on. Ok, so they not cowboy boots. I'm not exactly a country girl...

Painting is dry. Back to it...

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