Winter storms and contemplations

Good grief. The photo at the top is what it looked like out the living room window last evening. The skies had cleared to a crisp cold 5 degrees and we were huddled by the fire. Sometime in the middle of the night the storm swirled back down....and this is what it looks like now..... Gone are the lake and the mountains behind it. It looks like a dense white cloud...but it's snow, and lots of it. The temperature is hanging at 23 and the heat is working overtime. No solar help today!

Just learned the Girls Night Out dinner has been canceled. A wise choice, I'm sure, but a bummer! Guess I'll thaw some chicken and make a good green chile chicken stew. It's a good night for it and it will make John feel better. He's been achy and down all day. Weather and temps like this do that to him. Makes me pine for Puerto Vallarta, and this view:


Soothing....but now the washing machine is calling me and tomorrow I'm back at the gallery and praying for customers!

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