Nothing Else to Do but Ponder and Post

I know, it's a record. I've never posted this much in one day, let alone one week! I can't help it. Look: Remember, there is a lake and mountains normally in this view from my living room window. What else am I gonna do, but post.....laundry? uh-huh. no energy for THAT! Cleaning? Not likely. I did a good once over before our guest(s) arrived yesterday. Actually, only one made it. The other two got stuck and gave up, headed home like wise ducks. The one that came had a delightful dinner, and then got stuck. You'd think I would've seen the trend and got the message, right? Not so much.

I have a huge amount of energy and no where for it to go. I know, I know, I could clean and reorganize. It's not that kind of energy..and don't mock me for saying so.....i need to create to explode in color and prose and so, since my studio is an utter disaster, I'm writing.

My studio recently became the repository for all things in the "what do we do with this?" category as we work through the house to clear the clutter and make room for freshness and cleanliness. Not funny, just worked out that way. I suppose on some level I loathed it anyway and so it was the natural choice for the chaos it has become. Why did I loathe it? That is the deeper question and I'm sure I'll come face to face with it soon.

For starters, it's cold. It's the room furthest away from the heat sources, on the North side of the house.

It has a great view of Wheeler Peak, and good light. I think part of it is that there is just entirely too much stuff in it. So, see that desk and hutch and chair? I think I'll sell it. I know, it's hard to see for all the extraneous stuff. and my painting cart is parked in the middle of the room...I moved it because it has various flammable substances on it and there is now a heater parked in the doorway to, theoretically, warm the room so I can venture in to it to begin the clean up. Of course, the scenario will likely be, that the room won't warm enough today to begin, so I'll close the door and it will cool down and tomorrow I'll (hopefully) be back at the gallery. Ah, the saga continues.

oops, time to go. The stomach is rumbling. Anybody need a desk?

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