My how the Snow is flying!

I'm at the gallery right now. It's 3:34 and I've been here for an hour. The snow has literally been flying, for hours, nay, days. There is so much snow in my front yard (a combination of accumulation, roof slide and where it is blown and pushed from the driveway clearing) that we can't see out the windows anymore. It's at about 5 1/2 feet. Pretty soon it will match the bottom level of the roof line. Uh-oh, what then? Where does the snow come off? hmmmm....I see pulling snow in my future. sigh.

It's been kind of tough keeping normal hours at the gallery. Ok, nearly impossible. At any rate, I'm here now and glancing outside at the snow flying again. I think I'll head out around 4 or so if I don't see any activity here. Go to the website folks...always open...snow or not!

When I get home I'll take a picture and post it. wow. lots of snow.

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