Home for sure and brrrrrr!

23 degrees and snowing. Yup, tis' looking like Christmas. Indeed, we drove home in snow with John leaning out the window to tell me where the edge of the road was! Believe me, it was tempting to put it in reverse and get back on that airplane! We've been home for a couple of weeks now and the snow is back. I can almost hear the cheering coming from the Resort! Speaking of the Resort....You gotta come take a look at the renovations. The hotel is now downright beautiful....on the outside. The inside comes next, and not soon enough...but it's all very exciting. Feeling optimistic about the Resort and Angel Fire..it's a great feeling and not one most of us are accustomed to! They also have a great line up of entertainment and fun planned for the Holiday season. Check it out at www.angelfireresort.com

So, since we got back I jumped in to getting the gallery prepared and open. We (my volunteers Al, Jacqui and Sylvia and I) painted ceilings...I painted the walls too, got the track lights installed (thanks, Doug!) and phone and DSL now work! The Gallery opening on Friday Nite was a blast and packed....YAY! Now that people are finding me in the new space I'm eager to get busy! I'm closed today and tomorrow (gotta get some laundry done!) so I'm trying to get back in sync with all the stuff of life that I have to keep up with! Oh if only I could clone myself! I must say, my roomba helps though! Wonder how I ever lived with out it!

So lets see, the next special event will be a "Shopping Extravaganza" in Angel Fire. Monday, December 22. Officially from 5pm - 8 pm but at the INN Center we'll be serving up tasty food starting at about noon. The Corner Bookstore will host the food and you can catch some cider and mulled wine at the Galleries. We'll have door prizes and specials, so if you're going to be in Angel Fire, put it on your calendar and set your iphone to remind you! I'll see you soon!

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