Got out, White Out, back in.

Wow. What a nightmare! I loaded up and left here at 1pm. It is now 1:44 and I am back home. I got to the road and by the time I'd gotten past the blue dumpsters I knew it was a mistake. By that time there was nowhere to turn around, the plows having left barely one lane and snow piled 6 feet or more high on either side. I made it to the highway in 1st gear. The highway was blocked, littered with vehicles and backhoes trying to get them out. The county road people gave up and were sitting idle. Visibility was at 20 feet when good. 0 during a blinding gust. I backed into the only clear driveway at the last house there at the highway and waited while the two vehicles behind me pulled forward so I could pull out and they could pull in to turn around. It took me 40 minutes to get down 8/10 of mile to the highway, and back up. It was very tense and now I'm here and poured myself a glass of wine. If I had gotten out, I'm not sure at all that I could get back, given the rate of accumulation and wind.

I guess opening the gallery today just isn't in the cards for me. It looks like I need a condo in Angel Fire. In this economy...what's cheaper, a condo nearby the gallery or an employee who lives near the gallery? Ack. I think I'll ponder cheerier things.

Oh, look....there's the County dozer. Working at it again. Bless him! Still, I'm staying put. Maybe tomorrow is a brighter day for moving around!

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