bright, clear and cold!

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday's bluster and bucking bronco like drive up the county road (THAT was an experience!) have given way to bright sun and a temperature of 18. Hurrah for the County Road team who was out early this morning...and yes, on a Sunday! Twice yesterday I was stuck on the road behind a city car mired in the 12-14" drifts blocking the road. It mean I spent more time sitting in the car, going nowhere, than I did at the gallery!

The road was a disaster, and even in my all wheel drive in 1st (low) gear sputtered and spun as the snow ground under my super tires. I'm praying the stillness will prevail the winds will not rise again before I have to go out tomorrow. It's the winds that made the mess, and I'm happy to be rid of all the positive ions they generate. It's a much more pleasant and productive day that finds me once again at this keyboard.

Happy sigh and may the weather hold!

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