What have I begun?!

I told you I'd keep you posted here. I started a new piece today.. a large one than I typically do. I'm not even sure how big it is, since i just unrolled the canvas and started painting. I think it's probably about 16 inches wide and maybe 24 or even 30 high. I'm very excited about it because it's a complex compound hibiscus and I resolved not to use a pencil. WaHOO! Color is liberating! So is freehanding with a brush loaded with color!

I can't show it to you yet...It's too wet to have John hold it up so I can photo it. Don't want it to run where I don't intend!

In the mean time, picture layers and layers of delicate petals, in bright yellow that turns to red as it nears the center of the flower. Oh yeah!

Ooops, better watch out, can it be...is it true? I slept all night last night, for the third night in a row. Even dreamt, though I don't recall the dream, it's encouraging to me that I did. I use to dream alot, very vivid, easily recalled scenes, but it's literally been years. Hope is rising and optimism is looking cautiously up.

Tomorrow we're going to catch the bus to El Tuito, a tiny village tucked away into the Sierra Madre, the mountains that rise from the waves lapping at their feet. I hear it's about an hours drive. I'm taking the video camera to check back on Wednesday to see what we found along the way.

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