Walking fortifies the Soul (and legs!)

Wow. Guess I gotta take a camera next time I go out. It's tough to describe the hill we're on without looking up from the bottom. I tried looking down and it just doesn't work. All you see is cobble stones and there's no way to tell which way is up. Actually, it's two hills. Up Jacarandas, and then up Rodolfo Gomez. I've quickly grown to enjoy it, even long for a reason to run to the store. Not that any running happens. Walking down is one thing. In the morning, the air is lightly cool, the roosters still crowing and the uproarious bleeting of the burrows has quieted. (Yes, we're in a traditional Mexican neighborhood). Walking down requires one to lean back. bends the ankles just about as far as they go. It's not too hard to keep from going to fast, because the ridges in the road (put there for just this reason) prevent it, as do the uneven surfaces of the coblestones in between the rows of ridges.

It only takes me about 5 minutes to walk down both hills. Of course, the rub comes in the return, particularly if one is laden with groceries, or laundry or even nothing. Up, and up and up and up. I get winded just thinking about it! But somehow, in the process, it's cleansing. Time to shed the layers of stress and fear that have burdened me of late. It's generally the time of day that I'm alone. (Most days...I am. Every few days we (John and I) head down the hill together, but it's taxi back as the climb is just too much.)

So, clomp, clomp, clomp down and now I'm more familiar with the streets and what's where, than I have ever been and we've been coming here for most of 15 years. The slow walk up acquaints me with the neighbors. It's an oddity for them. I talk to them. They talk to me. We smile, and climb on. I've learned alot. My spanish is improving (still a very long way to go. Today a young boy at the green grocer told me my purchase was trese' (prolly spelled it wrong). I searched my brain and couldn't find that it meant 13! oh, criminetly!)

So, this Sunday, I'm thankful. Thankful for being here, for this time to rediscover and find what's new...and I mean, in me.

I'll post a picture or video soon.

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